Leschenault Estuary by Valarie Coventry


Media – Inks on silk

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Artistic focus

The main theme of my art has always been the promotion of environmental awareness through naturalist themes and comes from a spiritual focus which is informed by my work as a transpersonal psychologist.

Although I have worked across various mediums over the years, I only began using acrylic inks on silk about five years ago.  So, in that sense, I still feel at the beginning of my career as a silk artist. I find the combination of strength and fragility that silk embodies makes it a perfect choice for environmental subjects. There are very few silk painters of framed paintings as the technique requires both patience and ingenuity in controlling the flow.  It is always a delicate balance between what my idea is and what the inks want to do on the silk!

Fortunately, silk is also is a lot tougher than it first appears so stretching it on a frame while still wet gives me a more stable yet pliable surface on which to work.

More recently, I have been re-introduced to oils and am enjoying the depth and versatility that it offers.  My silk artwork can be viewed through my Facebook page Silk Paintings by Valarie. Commissions are also welcome please contact me on valariecoventry@icloud.com