The Leaving by Ron Sims


Media – graphite pencil

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The LEAVING              graphite pencil           Ron Sims  2021

“Light and Shade”

Between the lightest and the darkest, the graphite pencil offers 28 discernible shades… or thereabouts.

Between the highlights and lows in a relationship the emotional shades can be subtle, razor-sharp and countless.

In “the LEAVING” the pencil’s 28 shades are fully employed portraying those  emotional lights and shades that might somersault a relationship into that moment of separation.

The ARTIST                                              Ron Sims

With a background of 50 years creating radio dramas, fantasies and documentaries, Ron doesn’t so much describe ‘things’, but rather tells ‘stories’ in his artistic work.

In his visual art work he tends to depict people and events within their emotional and physical environments.

The passage of time and the feeling of the story reaching outside the picture’s edge, is often evident. ‘Things’ within the picture frequently act as symbols or clues to the larger story.